We follow our strategy and process with great patience and deliberation. It is a philosophy that has allowed us to invest only when we believe the risk return relationship is to our clients' benefit.

Value starts with free cash flow

The key to our credit analysis is an evaluation of free cash flow because, in our opinion, companies who generate it well and allocate it wisely make the strongest case for enduring value. We look at the free cash flow generated by a company and examine how it ebbs and flows through different market cycles. We aim to invest in companies with durable and sustainable cash flow that also provide an attractive yield.

Research supports decisive investing

At Dolan McEniry, we do our own research on the companies in our universe — no relying on Wall Street reports or ratings agencies. Our discovery and analysis process is clear, focused and efficient, carried out day after day in pursuit of exceptional returns year after year.

Contrarian mindset provides clarity

Our strategy is focused on analyzing investment fundamentals rather than following a herd mentality or chasing trends. We do not make interest rate calls, participate in sector rotation strategies nor do we make projections of any kind. We believe that over time, long-term lending is better than short-term trading.

Long-term focus on client relationships

Our singular focus has led a range of clients to trust us in managing their assets, from foundations and pension funds to individuals, families and others. We take pride in providing great service to our clients, seeking to cultivate relationships that last for years, even decades.